Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Business of Living Continues

We've gotten most of our reservations made so I thought I'd update you on the summer schedule as it now stands.

May 29: Mike arrives in Hemlock by rental car from Detroit Metro Airport.
June 7: Cheri arrives at Midland-Bay City Airport.
June 11: Road trip to Denver by way of Mason, MI, Gifford IL, and Gothenburg, NE.
June 19-23: Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park at Aspenglen Campground.
June 27: Road trip to Minneapolis where we have reservations at Normandy Inn.
July 3: Brown family celebration at Pine Island Lake.
July 6-10: Camping at Stony Point Campground near Walker, MN.
July 10-14: Camping at Lake Bemidji State Park, Bemidji MN.
July 14: Road Trip to Munising, MI where we have reservations at the Terrace Inn.
July 15: Kayak Pictured Rocks (AM) then drive to Hemlock.
July 19: To Gaylord, MI for Girls Night Out and Mike too Harbor Springs.
July 21: Bike trip; Gaylord, Mackinaw City, Bois Blanc Island, Gaylord.
July 27: Drummond Island.
August 3: Hemlock.
August 6: Cheri returns to the doghouse via Midland-Bat City Airport.
August 27: Mike returns to the doghouse via Detroit Metro Airport.

Preparations for my retirement are just about complete with the help of a Financial Advisor at We think we have a viable plan to pay off the house in Hawaii, and live there with the ability to travel back to the mainland on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see what that's like since I haven't been unemployed for more than a week ever in my whole life. Talk to you later!!