Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring 2011

Spring 2011
The important winter season is past as well as the adventure that was Mark and Katie's wedding. They were married at a beautiful private beachfront property south of Makena and everything was perfect and wonderful from the party at our house, through the sunset cruise rehearsal dinner, to the weather that afternoon, right down to the gorgeous sunset and mai-tais. Then the earth shook causing a huge tsunami in Japan and a warning and coastal evacuation of low lying areas on Maui from the end of the reception until early the next morning. Mark and Katie had three people with them in their hotel room for the wedding night and we had a house full of wedding guests that couldn't go back to their beachfront condo's. There was little damage on Maui from the six foot tsunami that affected mostly the north shores and things were soon back to normal. All of our many guests have gone home now, and we're focused on our trip this summer. We finally have airline reservations and car rental lined up, so we can start putting together a schedule that is meaningful. Here's how it's going to go and pay attention because there'll be a quiz later:

Fly into Detroit May 29th for a week of visiting and packing the car with our toys and camping equipment.
Road-trip toward Denver by way of some friends places in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.
Camping etc. near Rocky Mountain National Park and to visit daughter, Michelle.
Camping near Yellowstone National Park (Camping in National parks is limited to rustic sites only, and Cheri is an "electric lights and hot shower required" kind of camper.)
Road-trip back to Minneapolis to hang with Mark and Katie and to visit friends.
Fourth of July with Katie's family at the Brown family lake estate.
Ferry ride across Lake Michigan and back to Hemlock for a delayed Beyersdorf wedding reception (7/15) and a Cornish wedding in Lansing (7/16).
A week watching freighters and enjoying a house on Drummond Island, Michigan.
Send Cheri back to work on Maui (7/26), while i enjoy a bike tour in Michigan.
8/6 - Life of leisure is over.
None of this is cast in stone as yet, but is a pretty good estimate for right now. If you have suggestions, now is the time. Thnks for tuning in, and I'll talk to you again in a month or so. Aloha.

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